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Written by Susan P.   

Environmental consulting is frequently used for testing and regulating compliance; the environmental consultant guides a client to stay within the guidelines of environmental compliance and regulation.  While a wide spectrum of specializations exist within the industry, environmental consultants generally enter the field from either the environmental side, or the industry side.

Environmental consultants perform a wide range of activities for their clients.  Environmental consultants may specialize in certain parts of the industry like soil contamination, or may provide environmental consulting services across a wide array of disciplines.  For example environmental consultants may perform due diligence reports for clients to predict and prevent certain sanctions or could provide construction services like lead hazard inspections or asbestos testing.

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Written by John C.   

This website was developed for the purpose of advancing the level of environmental consulting knowledge for both non-professionals and those working within the environmental consulting field.  Our goal is to encourage the development of professional relationships between environmental consultants and potential customers.

If you have any environmentally related suggestions for our site or would be interested in providing environmentally themed content for publication on environmental-consultants.com please feel free to contact us.




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